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Channel Moscow-Chicago

We are proud to announce new 1 Gbit/s channel Moscow–Chicago via Stockholm, Amsterdam and New-York, in the framework of GLORIAD providing connection for “e-ARENA” Association node to a number of American and Asian research and education networks (Internet2, STARTAP, NLR, ESnet, NASA, SoX/SLR, Canet*4/CANARIE, Kreonet2, ASGCNet, TANet2, CSTnet).

The works is performed by RIPN (as technical provider of “e-ARENA” node) jointly with “Informica” State Institute (link Moscow–Stockholm), NORDUnet (link Stockholm–Amsterdam), other partners in Europe and North America – participants of GLORIAD.


Node “e-ARENA” (also known as GigaNAP) is providing connection to GEANT for Russian research and education networks. In particular, they are: RASNet, FREEnet, JINR, KIAE, MSU, Radio-MSU, RSSI, RUNNet, RUSNANO, RBNet, RELARN-IP. Major corporate networks are connected to GigaNAP: JINR network, provided by Joint Institute for Nuclear Research; KIAE network, by Kurchatov Institute; MSU network, by Moscow State University. In addition, networks of regional research centers of Russian Academy of Sciences take advantage of GigaNAP services: Research Center in Chernogolovka (CHG network), Kazan Research Center (KazSC network), Novosibirsk Research Center (NSC-Net), Nizhny Novgorod Research Center (SANDY network), Ural Branch of RAS (URAN network), Far Eastern Branch of RAS (AMURSU and Khabsc networks).

National association of research and educational e-Infrastructures “e-ARENA” (Association “e-ARENA”) is created in 2009 by RIPN, “Informica” and JSCC of Russian Academy of Sciences for the setup of national information and communication infrastructure in the field of research and education of Russia, as well as for direct representation in international e-infrastructure projects and initiatives on behalf of Russian scientific community. Association “e-ARENA” currently consists of 10 participants – institutions, which are scientific leaders of Russia. Practically, they develop network segments, which constitute telecommunication infrastructure in research and education, covering the whole territory of Russia.




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